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Why is the Second Floor of My Home So Hot?

Have you ever felt decently comfortable hanging out on the first floor of your home, but the second you go upstairs, felt like you were in Satan’s living room because of how hot it was? Uneven heating and cooling is something that, unfortunately, many homeowners deal with — but that doesn’t make it okay.

There are several reasons why the second floor of your home is so hot, such as:

Poor Attic Insulation

Especially during the summer, when the sun beats down on your home, a lack of proper attic insulation can allow hot air and heat to seep into your second floor. This issue can typically be solved by adding the proper amount of insulation to your attic so hot air isn’t able to seep into your home.

Faulty Ductwork

Your ducts are responsible for carrying air throughout your home, so if they are damaged or improperly routed, your home could suffer from uneven heating and cooling. If your air ducts have leaks or cracks, cool air can seep out from them and never make it to your second floor during the summer.

In the winter, if your ducts aren’t properly routed to carry warm air to your first floor, all that air can stay upstairs and create a stiflingly hot space. If you think your air ducts are the cause of too hot a second floor, you should have them inspected to see what routes you can take to solve the issues.

Improperly Sized Unit

If your HVAC system isn’t the proper size to meet your heating and cooling needs, it won’t be able to pump air to your second floor efficiently, leaving you with a very uncomfortable home. Since the size of your unit should depend on the size of your home, it’s essential to have it properly sized in order to have a well-functioning system.

If you’re experiencing uneven heating or cooling, contact the experts at Lancaster PHCE. Our HVAC experts can assess your home and offer a number of solutions to improve your efficiency and comfort. Give us a call today to schedule a service!

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