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The Toilet Paper Debate: Over or Under?

Out of all the debates that you can have in your home, there is one debate that surpasses them all: which way should the toilet paper hang? While everyone has their own opinion, there are a few arguments to be made for each side, over or under. Which side are you on?

Pros of Hanging It Over

Easier to Grab

When the toilet paper hangs over the roll, you know exactly where the paper starts and where to reach. There’s no rolling it a bunch of times to find the beginning of the tissue or having to feel around for the beginning of the roll.

Better Ripping Ability

Unless you’re one of the people who like using a quarter of the roll per bathroom trip, you typically watch how many squares of toilet paper you’re going to be using. That’s much easier to do when the roll hangs over itself since you’re able to see the perforated lines and have an exact rip versus pulling much more than you need.

Pros of Hanging Under

Neater Appearance

If you’re looking to have your toilet paper appear more uniform and tidy, under can provide you with that look. This is especially the case when you don’t want a foot of paper drooping towards the floor.

Less Chance of Tampering

By this, we’re referring to your children and pets. If you have a cat that loves jumping and clawing at the end of the toilet paper or child who would see the roll as a potential ribbon-like toy, having the paper hang under hides the beginning of the tissue and therefore the temptation for tampering.

So tell us — which side are you on?

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