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Air Conditioning Mistakes That are Costing You Money

As a homeowner, you probably do everything in your power to stretch a dollar. You’ll buy generic brands, skip eating out as much, the list goes on. In the same regard, you’ll want to avoid wasting money in any unnecessary ways — especially when it comes to how you use your AC. Unless you want to essentially toss your cash down the drain this summer, avoid making these air conditioning mistakes that cost you money.

You Turn Your System Completely Off

While you may think that you’re saving money by completely turning off your air conditioning system, that’s not the case. Once you turn it back on, it will have to work harder to create the temperature you want. instead of powering your unit off entirely, use a programmable thermostat so it remains on but only runs during the times you want it to.

You Set Your Thermostat Wrong

In general, the closer your thermostat temperature is to the outside temperature, the least amount of money you’ll use having your air conditioner run. However, we realize that you want your home to be cooler — but that doesn’t mean you should crank the temperature down drastically.

If the temperature outside is 85 degrees and you have your thermostat set to 55 degrees, all you’re doing is forcing your air conditioner to run for a very long time to try and achieve that temperature difference, ultimately using a lot of energy and wasting a lot of money.

You’re Sticking with an Old Unit

An old unit uses much more energy job, therefore, costs you more money. To save yourself some cash in the long run, it’s best to upgrade to a more energy efficient system sooner rather than later.

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