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What Is a Good SEER Rating for an A/C?

If you’re shopping for a new A/C, you likely have run into a number that varies among models. This number is called the SEER rating – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – and it is measured by taking the ratio of the cooling output of an A/C over a cooling season and dividing it by the […]

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Should I Turn Off My AC to Save Money?

With the rising costs of living, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were trying every which way to save a few dollars here and there. When it comes to using your AC, the summer can add a good chunk of change to your monthly utility bill. When that happens, you may think about turning your […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

Summertime is the most popular season to head off on vacation, and with good reason. The days are longer, the weather is nicer, and the kids are home from school. As you’re planning what outfits you’ll wear during your trip, and what activities you’ll participate in, you should also start considering how you’re going to […]

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Smart Gadgets to Use in Your Apartment

When you rent an apartment, you have the luxury of having a space that’s your own without having to go through the headache of getting a mortgage. However, you are also limited in how many changes you can make your home. Luckily, they’re likely isn’t much stopping you from adding a few smart gadgets to […]

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Simple Products Every Household Needs

When you think of household necessities, you probably think of your favorite snack or extra rolls of toilet paper stocked in the bathroom cabinet. While we definitely agree that those are a few must-haves, there are some other simple products that you should have around your home that will make cleaning and home maintenance all […]

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