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Is AC Safe for my Baby?

As a parent, you do everything in your power to make sure your child is safe and comfortable every day — and that includes making sure they don’t feel too warm or cold. During the warmer months, you may be concerned about cranking up the air conditioning for fear that your baby may feel too chilly in the cool air. So that begs the question: is AC safe for babies?

Benefits of AC for Babies

As long as your baby is not completely exposed to cold air and has adequate clothing and blankets, it’s best to use your air conditioner so they don’t feel too stuffy or warm. What’s more is that if you don’t run your conditioner and your home gets too humid, mold can grow in certain areas — and that’s definitely not something you want your baby to breathe in.

How to Safely Use Your AC

First and foremost, any place your baby will spend a lot of time, such as their crib, playpen, or high chair, should not be directly in front of a vent. This can result in the baby feeling too cold if air is blowing directly on them. It’s typically best to keep cribs and playpens on the opposite side of the room from a vent to ensure that your baby doesn’t feel too cold.

When it comes to setting up a thermostat, most experts recommend setting the temperature between 68 and 72°. However, you can make the room a little bit warmer if it suits your comfort level is better.

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