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Month: October 2019


How to Clean an Old Showerhead

You’ve probably seen a horror movie (or two) that features a scene where blood or bugs rain down through a person’s showerhead, terrifying them senseless. While we think you’re pretty safe from those tropes, it may scare you to think about what could be lurking on your showerhead if it’s been a while since you […]

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Common Signs of a Clogged Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is an appliance that is made to make your life easier. So when it starts acting up and not working properly, it can bring on a lot of stress. If you find that your dishwasher isn’t draining, you could be dealing with a clog! Here are some of the most common signs of […]

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A New Home Checklist

Buying a new home can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. Make sure your new home is up-to-date with any inspections to ease some of your nerves! In order to ensure your house will be safe and comfortable for you, consider this checklist: Test the Thermostat You want the temperature in your home to keep […]

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How to Avoid Cold Spots

There’s nothing worse than getting a sudden chill while trying to relax at home. Cold spots occur in almost every household without explanation. You may have to consider air balancing to improve your current air circulation. Air balancing involves balancing your temperature systems in your home to create a more even flow of air! Here […]

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Can I Charge My Electric Car with a Regular Outlet?

In a day and age where everyone is trying to make a conscious effort to "go green,” a great investment to make is an electric car. But since you won’t be filling up a gas tank when you’re running low on power, you’ll need to make sure you have a reliable way to keep your […]

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