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How to Avoid Cold Spots

There’s nothing worse than getting a sudden chill while trying to relax at home. Cold spots occur in almost every household without explanation. You may have to consider air balancing to improve your current air circulation. Air balancing involves balancing your temperature systems in your home to create a more even flow of air! Here are some steps to take in order to avoid unbalanced air fluctuation:

Try a Two Degree Offset

If you have thermostats on each floor of your home, this is a simple hack in order to avoid cold spots. What a two-degree offset means is to set the thermostat upstairs to 75 and the one downstairs to 73. It creates a balance in temperatures! Avoid drastic differences in your thermostats.

Fix Areas Prone to Drafts

You should check your home for any areas that aren’t sealed properly. This can lead to drafts that cause cold spots throughout your house! The most common areas for these are around windows and doors. Make sure they are properly sealed and secure.

Check Your Filters

Over time, a lot of dust and debris can build-up in your air filtration systems. If not checked and cleaned regularly, this can lead to less airflow. An HVAC can easily break down because of an overly dirty filter. With your system not working properly, your heat and air won’t flow like it should.

Fix Your Duct Work

This may not be the easiest fix, but it’s worth trying to figure out! If the system is damaged in any way, it will cause uneven air distribution. There may be loose duct joints or openings within the ductwork. You may feel comfortable fixing this on your own, depending on your skill, but this step should usually be left to the professionals!

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