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How to Avoid a Thanksgiving Plumbing Disaster

Thanksgiving is one of the most festive days of the year. If you’re like most, you’ll spend the holiday feasting on delicious food and making countless memories with family and friends. Needless to say, you probably don’t want to have any plumbing issues get in the way of your festivities.

If you want to avoid a Thanksgiving Plumbing disaster, follow these tips to ensure a seamlessly wonderful day.

Watch What You Toss in the Garbage Disposal

Contrary to popular belief, not every food scrap belongs in your garbage disposal. Things like pasta and other starchy or fibrous foods (like celery) can clog your disposal, while bones can dull, if not break, the blades. When it comes to foods like these, you’re better off tossing them into your trash can.

If you’re looking to avoid any foul odors coming from your disposal, make sure to always run the cold water when using it and toss a few citrus peels down it every few uses.

Go Easy on the Toilet Paper

With so many guests using your bathroom this day, it would be wise to remind them to use toilet paper sparingly. All it takes is one person using a large wad to clog your toilet, leaving you with a potential mess and one less bathroom.

Use a Drain Trap

Both in your shower and your kitchen sink, it’s easy to form a clog when things flow down the drain. To prevent this, place plastic or rubber hair traps over your drains to catch hair, food, or other gunk that may otherwise accidentally flow down it.

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