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Month: December 2019


Scary Smells Coming from Your Heating System

This time of year, your home is probably filled with a number of wonderful smells — sugar cookies baking in the oven, fresh pine candles burning in the living room, and ingredients for holiday cocktail all waft through the air. Without all these lovely aromas, the last thing you’ll want to detect is an odd […]

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How to Avoid a Christmas Tree Fire

This time of year, you’re probably busy decking the halls and giving your home a holiday makeover. Many of you may set up a popular focal point in all your decorating — that being a Christmas tree. While these can be beautiful and leave your home smelling like a fresh pine forest, you have to […]

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How to Avoid a High Water Bill During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of merriment, fun festivities, and family gatherings. During this season, it’s not uncommon to have visitors stay at your home and host holiday parties. The problem comes in when all that holiday fun puts you at risk for receiving a sky-high water bill at the end of the month. Not […]

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Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Plumbing?

Over the past few years, one of the most increasingly-popular bath accessories has been bath bombs. Typically little balls of Epsom salt and fragrances, these items are often used to help upgrade your bath to make it more relaxing — some even come with aromatherapy ingredients or little prizes. While it may seem like they’re […]

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Why Does My Pet Follow Me into the Bathroom?

If you have a furry friend living with you, you know that you no longer have the luxury of taking trips to the bathroom alone. Instead, you are always graced with the company of your dog or cat as they make their way into the room to stay by your side. While there’s no denying […]

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