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Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Plumbing?

Over the past few years, one of the most increasingly-popular bath accessories has been bath bombs. Typically little balls of Epsom salt and fragrances, these items are often used to help upgrade your bath to make it more relaxing — some even come with aromatherapy ingredients or little prizes.

While it may seem like they’re nothing but helpful, bath bombs don’t exactly have a positive effect on your plumbing. In fact, they can actually be quite harmful.

How Bath Bombs Harm Your Plumbing

They Contain Oil

We’ve warned you time and time again that you should never let oil flow down your drain. While most people think of cooking oil, the oil in your bath products is just as bad. And, unfortunately, bath bombs often have their fair share of oil in them — typically essential oils that are used to give them certain scents.

While a bath bomb here or there probably won’t do too much damage, if you use them quite often, all that lavender and citrus oil can quickly cause a clog.

They Contain Glitter

Glitter is tough enough to clean up when it spills on the floor, but it’s an even bigger nightmare in your tub. When you use bath bombs that contain glitter, all that decoration can find its way into even the smallest nooks and cranny of your tub. This is especially problematic for jet tubs.

If, by some wild chance, the glitter doesn’t get stuck in the tub, letting it flow down the drain can be harmful to the environment. After all, glitter is plastic, and there is already enough of that material floating around in our waterways.

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