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How to Avoid a Christmas Tree Fire

This time of year, you’re probably busy decking the halls and giving your home a holiday makeover. Many of you may set up a popular focal point in all your decorating — that being a Christmas tree.

While these can be beautiful and leave your home smelling like a fresh pine forest, you have to proceed with caution when it comes to having a real tree in your home. The risk you run is starting a fire, so follow these tips to avoid any potential problems.

Choose a Good Tree

From the get-go, you’ll need to pick out a tree that is still fresh. Ask the salesperson when the trees were cut and delivered, as the better choices are those that have just arrived at the store. Look for bright green needles that are easily pliable — if the tree has any brown needles already, opt for a different one.

Keep It Well-Watered

The main reason Christmas trees go up in flames is because they aren’t watered enough and dry out. Once your tree is set up in your home, replenish the water in the stand each day. If you see any needles start to brown, increase the amount of water you’re adding to the stand.

Steer Clear of Damaged Decorations

Inspect any lights or electronic ornaments before you place them on your tree. If there is any damage to the wiring, bulbs, or other components, you should not put them on your tree since they could spark and cause an electrical fire.

Keep It Away from Heat

You should never set up your tree near a heat source. Fireplaces, space heaters, radiators, vents — they can all dry up your tree and put it at risk of catching fire.

Control Your Home’s Humidity

Even if you water your tree well, if the air in your home is dry, it can combat your watering efforts and dry out the tree. If your home’s air is on the dryer side, consider adding a humidifier to balance out your moisture levels.

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