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Scary Smells Coming from Your Heating System

This time of year, your home is probably filled with a number of wonderful smells — sugar cookies baking in the oven, fresh pine candles burning in the living room, and ingredients for holiday cocktail all waft through the air. Without all these lovely aromas, the last thing you’ll want to detect is an odd odor coming from your HVAC system.

Other smells can be indicative of different problems that need to be addressed, and it’s important to learn what each scent could be caused by in order to keep your home and family safe.

Mildew Scent

This odor most often resembles that of dirty socks or old wet laundry. If it’s been a while since your system has been properly cleaned, especially as it transitioned between seasons, bacteria or mold could grow on the unit’s coils. When the system kicks on, the bacteria (and the smell it holds) can get pushed through your home. To resolve this, you should have your unit thoroughly cleaned.

Sulfur Scent

If it smells like rotten eggs every time your heating system kicks on, you likely have a gas problem on your hands. Since a gas leak can be extremely dangerous, it’s essential to contact your trusted HVAC company for help. If you don’t and let the problem continue, you and your family may suffer serious health issues or a potential explosion.

Burning Scent

A burning scent typically is caused by the overheating of certain components, particularly electrical ones, in your unit. While this scent may not bother you, the issues behind it can result in your unit malfunctioning, breaking down entirely, or even catching fire. You should never handle electrical issues on your own; you’re better off calling the professionals for help.

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