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The Benefits of Owning a LIFETIME Electric Water Heater

In our opinion, one of the most under-appreciated machines in your home is your hot water heater. With all that it does for you, we’re sure you don’t want anything happening to your unit, and that, in a perfect world, it will last you your entire lifetime.

Well, looks like we’re in that perfect world — because when you own a LIFETIME electric water heater, such as the Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater, you'll have your unit your entire life. Here’s how:

Materials Matter

The materials your water heater is made with have a big effect on how long your unit last. The Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater is made with the highest quality of materials to protect the unit against corrosion and allow it to last a lifetime.

Foam Insulation

A common issue with water heaters is heat loss. Since heat loss can cause you to experience high energy bills. The Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater uses heavy duty foam insulation to minimize heat loss and keep your energy bills low.

Stainless Steel Incoloy Elements

By using stainless steel incoloy elements, the Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater eliminates the need for anode rods and resists scale buildup that would otherwise cause your tank to experience a shorter lifespan.

Warranties Matter More

Even if a unit is built using the best materials, life can sometimes get in the way and cause it to break down or need a repair after a while. The Everlast Light Duty Commercial Water Heater is backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty, something most units don’t have. You can check the manufacturer documents for any warranty exclusions.

With all the benefits it offers, why wouldn’t you want to get a LIFETIME electric water heater for your Lancaster home? For your all your plumbing needs, give the experts at Lancaster PHCE a call! Our team can install a water heater that is best for your home and perfectly meets your family’s needs.