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How to Make Your Pipes Last Longer

While you probably wish that they would, the pipes that run through your home don’t last forever. After a while, they will have to be replaced in order to keep your plumbing working as it should. But since repiping your home isn’t exactly the cheapest project, you may be racking your brain for ways to make your pipes last longer. Luckily, there are a few ways you can do so!

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

While they seem like a quick fix, store-bought chemical drain cleaners do a lot more harm than good. The ingredients in these products can eat away at your pipes, putting them at risk of breaking and causing a leak. Stick to enzyme-based or natural DIY cleaners if you’re trying to keep your drain clog-free.

Check Your Water Pressure

While you may love when water comes streaming out of your showerhead at lightning speed, your pipes don’t. High water pressure can corrode them from the inside or cause them to misalign, so aim to keep your home’s water pressure below 85 PSI.

Don’t Treat Your Plumbing as a Garbage Can

The only thing that should go down your pipes is human waste, water, and toilet paper. You should take measures to keep anything else out unless you want to create clogs all the time and harm your pipes in the process.

This means placing plastic drain traps in your sinks and showers, keeping non-safe foods out of your garbage disposal, and keeping anything but human waste and toilet paper out of your toilet.

If your pipes need a little TLC in the form of drain cleaning or leak repairs, trust the expert plumbing at Lancaster PHCE to get the job done. From maintenance to repiping, we’re here to keep your plumbing running in tip-top shape! Contact us today to schedule a service!

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