Little Habits to Change to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Little Habits to Change to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Whether you suffer from allergies on a regular basis or are simply conscious about the air in your home, air quality should be at the top of your mind. And while you may take some measures to ensure the air quality remains healthy, there may be other little habits that you do each day that could be hindering your efforts. If you want to ensure that the air in your home is as clean as can be, here are a few things you should stop or start doing.

Wearing Your Shoes Indoors

When you wear your favorite boots or pair of sneakers outside of your house, all the germs, pollen, dirt, and other particles that you walk on attach themselves to your footwear. If you then walk around your home in those same shoes, you’re spreading all of that grime all around the house.

Instead, invest in a pair of house shoes or slippers and leave shoes that you wear outside of the house at the door so any harmful particles attached to them can’t make their way into your home.

Wearing Outside Clothes to Bed

We’ve all been there: you come home after a long, exhausting day and you immediately pass out in your bed and whatever you are wearing for the past 12 hours. We’re sorry to say it, but all you’re doing when you sleep in your outside clothes is allowing any particle that clung to those fabrics to make their way into your bedding and mattress.

Once you get home, switch into sweatpants or pajamas that have not been exposed to outdoor allergens. This will help keep your bed clean and the air in your bedroom purer.

Using Artificial Fragrances

Whether you’re trying to use air fresheners to cover up the smell of wet dog after your pet comes in from being in the rain or lighting a candle so your living room smells like fresh linen, all you’re really doing is putting harmful chemicals into the air.

Most products use chemicals to create those scents that then linger in your air. Instead, choose natural products that use essential oils to create their pretty smells.

Another way to ensure you have the best air quality possible? Installing whole-home air purifier! Contact the air quality experts at Lancaster PHCE today to learn more or schedule a service!

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