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What to Stop Flushing Down the Toilet

There likely isn’t a person on this planet who hasn’t tossed something into the toilet that doesn’t belong in there. And while doing this once in a blue moon won’t cause too much harm, if you’ve been treating your toilet as a second garbage can, you could be in for some frightening results. Here are just some of the many things you should stop flushing down the toilet.

Items That Shouldn’t Be Flushed


This is one of the most common items that gets tossed down your porcelain throne. Even if the packaging claims that the wipes are flushable, avoid doing this at all costs. Wipes don’t break down the same way that regular toilet paper does, so they end up forming one big clump that can clog your toilet.


How can a tiny little string possibly cause any plumbing problems, right? Well, if you toss enough pieces of dental floss down your toilet, they can bunch up with other materials and form a mass that can create an obstruction within your pipes.


A lot — too many, in truth — think that, if they have leftover antibiotics or other medications that they are no longer in need of or are taking, that it’s best to flush the pills down the toilet. While that’s done so the pills can’t be abused or fall into the wrong hands, what you’re actually doing when you flush medication is put it back into the water system.

And just like they would dissolve in your body, pills that are flushed melt into the water and the chemicals or active ingredients remain there, not always able to be caught by some water filtration systems. Instead of flushing them, bring your pills back to the pharmacy.

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