How to Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal

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How to Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal

You’ve already taken the trash out, but its odor still lingers. As you approach the sink, the smell grows stronger, and you suddenly realize it’s not coming from your trash, but rather it is emanating from your garbage disposal.

This unpleasant smell can result from particles of food adhering to the grinders and a grimy sludge made of decomposing substances sticking to the rubber flaps. To eliminate these odors, try the following.

Citrus Fruit

Choose a lemon, orange, or other citrus fruit you have on hand, and cut it into circular slices. Then, cut these slices into fours. Add a few of the quarter slices, or just their peels, into your disposal; and, while running cold water, turn your disposal system on. The fruit’s acid will help disinfect the blades and disposal walls, leaving only a citrusy scent behind.

Ice and Salt Combo

This combo will not only disinfect your garbage disposal but also sharpen its blades. It is important your blades remain sharp, so it is easier for your system to grind food moving forward.

Place two cups of ice directly into your disposal, following it with a cup of rock salt. Turn on the cold water and run the disposal for five to 10 seconds at a time!

Baking Soda with Vinegar

If the odor coming from your disposal has reached rancid, try this volcano method. You’ll need one-half cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar. A chemical reaction will occur when these are combined, fizzing and erupting like that of a mini-volcano.

This method will kill bacteria and deodorize your garbage disposal. Leave this mixture in your system for a few minutes, then flush your disposal with hot water. (Note: Avoid using boiling hot water as it may damage pipes.)

If you’re still having odor issues after trying these methods, call the professionals at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electrical. We’re here for all your service, repair and installation needs, hassle-free.

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