How to Show Your Plumbing Some Love

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How to Show Your Plumbing Some Love

Pennsylvania’s cold winter weather sometimes imposes a heavy burden on homeowners, as plumbing networks can become compromised. No one enjoys discovering plumbing system damage that could have been preventable. How can you show your home or commercial plumbing system some love this Valentine’s Day?

One: Protect Exposed Water Pipes During Winter

Some homes in this region of Pennsylvania include poorly heated basements or uninsulated garages. Consider protecting exposed water pipes in these locations. When water turns to ice it expands; this process sometimes damages unprotected water pipes, resulting in avoidable water leaks once temperatures rise above freezing. Insulating the pipe with protective layers of plastic or cloth might help prevent pipes from freezing during extended periods of chilly weather.

Two: Wrap Outdoor Plumbing Faucets, Too

Similarly, to prevent unnecessary plumbing repair bills, many local homeowners routinely cover outside faucets. Some companies sell padded protective coverings for these fixtures. Alternatively, you can manufacture a covering yourself. Simply wrap your outdoor plumbing faucets in protective, plastic bubble wrap with masking tape! This should keep your outdoor plumbing safe during the coldest months of the year.

Three: Never Dispose of Fat or Grease in a Kitchen Drain

Pamper your residential plumbing system by safeguarding the garbage disposal unit. This appliance won’t function well if grease or fats are being poured down the kitchen sink. Place these substances into a separate covered container and dispose of them in the trash; you’ll help keep drains much cleaner and clog-free.

Four: Request Plumbing Maintenance Services in Eastern Pennsylvania

Obtain periodic plumbing system maintenance. To request knowledgeable plumbing system maintenance assistance in Lancaster, Berks, Chester, Dauphin, Lebanon, and York Counties, contact us at 717-207-9952. We offer dependable, licensed services.

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