Why You Need USB Outlets in Your Home

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Why You Need USB Outlets in Your Home

Have you ever had a friend or relative visit you and ask, "Do you have a USB charger I can use?". For most of us, the answer is yes.

Today, most devices charge via USB, and most of us have multiple technologies. Chances are you have more than one Smartphone or mobile device that requires a USB cable for recharging.

If your household has three or more USB-dependent devices, isn’t it about time you think about transforming your standard AC outlets into charging stations?

Ditch Your Adapters

OK, you may not ditch them altogether—you might need them when you are traveling—but at home, you can do without them.

Relying on adapters limits your outlet use. Each device usually has an inordinately sized adapter, which blocks your second electrical outlet. Switching to USB outlets will free your AC outlets, so they can be used more efficiently—simultaneously.

To upgrade your outlets, call an electrician! Although it may be a bit costly, the National average is around $190, professional installation ensures your USB outlets are safe and up to electrical code!

Benefits Of Installing USB Outlets

  • Your devices will charge faster. USB outlets can charge a device up to 40 percent faster than adapters, as they have a built-in smart chip that detects the optimum charging amperage and adjusts the output accordingly. With USB outlets, your device will be charged as fast as possible.

  • USB outlets have an auto shut-off feature. When your device is fully charged, the outlet will stop providing electrical current, so you are not wasting electricity.

  • Unlike adapters, you can’t misplace USB outlets. They are always in the same place.

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