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Health & Safety Protocols

We are committed to keeping you, your family, and our team healthy and safe. Our Protocols for Service Calls Maintaining a recommended safe distance of at least 6′ Frequent hand-washing and sanitization of tools, equipment, and truck Wearing fresh protective boot covers if entering a home When requested, employees wear face masks per CDC and […]

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Time for a Smart Home

In today’s ever-developing society, it’s difficult to find an aspect of everyday life that hasn’t been bettered with the advancements made in technology. From smartphones and computers to cars and more, technology has become an indispensable convenience to the modern masses. And while most people have upgraded nearly every facet of their day-to-day, many still […]

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Facemask Trend Causing Drain Failure

Beauty regimens often include face masks. Clay and mud masks help purify, soften, and tone your skin; however, as much as these beauty masks unclog your pores it does precisely the opposite to your drains. Every homeowner needs to proceed with caution when applying and removing skin products! Here’s why: Designed for Trouble Clay, mud, […]

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Spring Cleaning—The Drain Edition

Does your bathroom have a lingering odor? Whatever you do—don’t try and mask the odor with air freshener. This will only hide the smell temporarily. The only way to permanently rid your bathroom of that persistent odor is by spring cleaning your drains. You will need vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. These simple cleaning […]

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Lighting Trends of 2020

Staying up to date with all of the latest lighting trends in 2020 is a great way to keep your home in style. Interior and exterior lighting can play a key role in the design and the overall appearance of your home. Lighting makes a major and lasting impact on how your space is received, […]

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Dogs & Your Drains

Your dog needs a bath at least once every two months. That’s a lot of potential clogs. Oil deposits from soap and hair are the leading cause of most home plumbing clogs. And, the same goes for fur. When fur is trapped in your drain, additional layers of soapy residue will accumulate, creating an even […]

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Air Freshener Alternatives

Everyone enjoys a fresh-smelling home, and fortunately, there are methods to achieving an odorless home without having to turn to chemical air fresheners, which truly do more harm than good. It’s time to put down the aerosol can and try these alternative home freshening methods to help you improve the indoor air quality of your […]

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