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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

Summer 2020 is just around the corner! As a homeowner, ensuring your household has an efficient and lasting air conditioner is a necessity during the summer months. You don’t want to be left without an escape from the beaming sun. However, it is sometimes hard to tell when your system is headed towards breakdown. That’s […]

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Cooling Hacks

Creating a comfortable and conducive environment in a house setting is the desire of every homeowner. Additionally, we seek methods to reduce energy costs due to cooling systems, especially environmentally friendly ones. Cooling your home in an efficient and cost-effective manner is the dream. Here’s how to remodel your home and outdoor environment ingeniously to […]

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How To Keep An Eco-Friendly Home

The green movement’s popularity has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Cars, livelihoods, and homes alike are upgrading to more eco-conscious technologies to align with environmentally friendly fundamentals. With an increase in engineering research to enable this conversion, people are now able to separate myth from reality on how to go green. Homeowners […]

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Duct Cleaning Benefits

Your air ducts work to ensure a continuous flow of quality air steadily flows from your heating and cooling equipment into your home. So, you have only one job to do to make sure this flow of air remains uncontaminated and free from obstacles: duct cleaning! Proper air duct cleaning will provide these benefits to […]

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Troubleshooting Your AC

You’ve encountered it a couple of times: multiple frustrated homeowners waiting for an extremely booked professional HVAC contractor to fix their AC in the middle of the summer. We, here at Lancaster PHCE, want to help you get rid of that wait, especially if you can troubleshoot your cooling problem yourself! Today, we will take […]

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Water Filtration—Your Options

Water purification is considered a necessity rather than a luxury. In the United States, 18 billion pounds of new toxins are released into the groundwater and atmosphere annually. As homeowners can’t control the quality of their tap water, steps must be taken to purify their supply! Water filtration systems, thus, protect homeowners and their families […]

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LPHCE Helped to Improve Life at a Local Women’s Shelter

Clare House is a non-profit transitional home that serves homeless women and their families in Lancaster, PA. Throughout the 12-month program, women and their families receive shelter, the ability to save money, and resources that will help them get back on their feet after suffering a wide variety of challenges. One of the many goals […]

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Preparing Your Outdoor Space For Summer

As summer looms in the near future and many people anticipate spending more time at home, preparing your outdoor space for warm, summer weather becomes increasingly important. Of course, there are traditional tasks such as preparing your garden for planting, cleaning up debris from the yard, power washing your driveway and walkways, and clearing your […]

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DIY Projects To Complete In Quarantine

Take that HGTV energy and bring it to your living room! There are numerous DIY projects that can be accomplished during stay-at-home orders, that will transform your home for the better. Whether you want to address an electrical project, an HVAC malfunction, or troubleshoot your plumbing, there is no better time to dive right in! […]

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Start Reducing Your Water Consumption

Reducing your water consumption, especially while you are home significantly more, during stay-at-home orders, is increasingly important! Eliminating water waste will not only decrease monthly water costs, but it will also make a positive impact on the environment. That’s why we here at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical are sharing water-saving tips with you […]

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Childproofing Your Electrical Outlets

Over 2,400 children in the United States visit the emergency room each year with injuries related to electrical outlets. This is why, since 2008, homes with young children are required to use tamper-resistant receptacles. Children are inherently curious, and electrical outlets are tempting to explore, as they almost look like little, animated faces, and are […]

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Reducing Energy Consumption & Costs at Home

Now more than ever, families are looking for ways to trim their budgets by cutting costs at home. Reducing your energy consumption in your Lancaster home is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lower your utility bills! Here are three things you can do right now that will help lower your electric bill […]

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Beautification Products That Will Harm Your Drains

The last thing anyone wants to deal with while going about their day is an unexpected clogged drain. Ignored for too long, a clogged drain can cause permanent damage to your piping. That’s why it is imperative you know which products cause clogs! Hair is the main culprit for clogged drains; however, beauty products can […]

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