DIY Projects To Complete In Quarantine

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DIY Projects To Complete In Quarantine

Take that HGTV energy and bring it to your living room! There are numerous DIY projects that can be accomplished during stay-at-home orders, that will transform your home for the better. Whether you want to address an electrical project, an HVAC malfunction, or troubleshoot your plumbing, there is no better time to dive right in! Why? You have the time!

Energy-Saving Projects

Implement energy-saving devices into your home to save money! Installing a smart thermostat will optimize your home heating and cooling for energy-efficiency. Your home energy consumption will be reduced, as your new programmable thermostat will increase temperatures throughout your home when you are away, providing savings on both energy and utility costs.

In addition to installing a smart thermostat, replacing your current windows with a more insulating option will increase energy savings. Double-paned window installation will reduce heating and cooling losses due to air gaps, as they have superior insulation.

HVAC Projects

Your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor collects leaves and debris over time, blocking exhaust vents and interfering with the efficiency of your unit. Prevent impeded energy efficiency by adding an outdoor fence around your unit! This will protect your HVAC system from unwanted debris.

Simply ensure there is a two-foot gap between the fence and the unit to allow for the compressor’s exhaust to evacuate, and maintenance purposes. This space will allow technicians to easily access your unit.

Plumbing Projects

Not all plumbing projects require a plumber! A running toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems that can be DIY-ed. A toilet that continues to run long after it has been flushed can create a costly water bill. While many people can jiggle the handle to stop the needless running, this won’t always work. Stop your toilet from running by replacing your toilet fill valve. Use a screwdriver to turn the spine of the fill valve counterclockwise until the float cup and water level is lowered. This should do the trick!

If you encounter a project beyond your comfort zone, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 717-207-8198! We are here to help! We understand that this is a challenging time and that it has had a financial impact on everyone. To further help our community, for a limited time, we are giving every customer a 10% discount on any services that we provide.

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