How To Keep An Eco-Friendly Home

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How To Keep An Eco-Friendly Home

The green movement’s popularity has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Cars, livelihoods, and homes alike are upgrading to more eco-conscious technologies to align with environmentally friendly fundamentals. With an increase in engineering research to enable this conversion, people are now able to separate myth from reality on how to go green.

Homeowners can now convert their homes into an eco-friendly oasis that both reduces water and energy waste. Here’s how:

Install Low-flow Shower-heads

These bathroom fixtures reduce water consumption while maintaining proper water pressure, delivering a sustainable and satisfying shower. Homeowners can get showerheads with flow rates well below those mandated by the federal government (2.5 gallons per minute).

Additionally, these shower-heads are available as either aerating or laminar flow types. Aerating shower-heads mix water with air, while laminar appliances produce individual water streams. Both systems will prove effective in reducing water waste and water costs in your home.

Add Aerators To Your Faucets

Federal law dictates that flow rates for faucets must be below 2.2 gallons per minute; however, there are appliances on the market that reduce this flow for more environmentally forward operation. Aerator valves are available with rates below 1.5 gallons per minute!

Aerators add air into your water stream, as it is dispensed, whereas flow restrictors reduce the volume of water flowing from your faucet. Both minimize water loss and will prove effective in reducing your water consumption.

Upgrade To Dual-flush Toilets

A toilet with a twofold flush system has two dials on the tank. One button pushes solid waste while the other flushes liquid waste. The principle relies on the notion that liquid waste requires less water to remove from the bowl than solid waste demands. The dual-flush function will inherently save water! For your dual-flush toilet installation, contact a professional plumbing technician!

Switch To LED Bulbs

LED bulbs require significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs while outperforming and outliving them. LED bulbs are efficient, made of environmentally friendly products, and provide an economic light source, unlike other light bulbs. Switching to LED throughout your home will reduce energy consumption and therefore cut down your monthly energy costs.

For low-flow appliance installation, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 717-207-8198! We are here to aid you in your environmentally-friendly efforts.

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