Kitchen Design Trends

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Kitchen Design Trends

White-washed kitchens, subway tiles, and open-concepts are (hopefully) becoming a trend of the past. We’re leaving them behind along with the 2010s. While these designs are simple and elegant, they’re are overdone — and we’re looking ahead to the exciting innovations of the 2020s. So what are some of the latest and greatest emerging kitchen design trends? Check out some of these top brow design elements!

Natural with a Dash of Color

The future of design is eco-friendly, and we’re loving the incorporation of natural elements in kitchen designs. Not only do these materials allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, but they also offer subtle shades of muted colors to your space, providing pleasing dashes of vibrant color. Incorporate this trend with terra-cotta and cement to achieve the popular barn-style design.

Quartz Countertops

Marble countertops have long been a cornerstone of an elegant kitchen. However, marble can be expensive — and it’s not the most durable option. More and more people are turning to quartz countertops as they are low maintenance, affordable, and can mimic any design you desire. Pair your new countertops with metal finishes and hardware to give your kitchen some extra POP in a simple, clean way.

Innovative Backsplashes

A quality backsplash is important for the functionality of your kitchen — and can also be one of the most unique areas for design. Stop fawning over the overplayed subway tile backsplashes and start thinking outside of the box! We’re seeing more and more people make their backsplashes bigger and more vibrant than before — utilizing color and unique tile shapes! 2020 is the year to really define your space!

It’s important to utilize some, but not all, of these design elements. Find the one that works best for you and make sure it stands out by keeping the other elements of your kitchen simple. Creating stark contrasts brings out the best in your kitchen and will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us for your kitchen plumbing needs at 717-207-8198!

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