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Month: September 2020


Chandelier Installation—A Comprehensive Guide

A chandelier is a true statement piece! However, adding this dramatic fixture takes some finesse. Are you up to the job? With Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical, you will not only be up to the task, but you’ll be ready for it. Once you have selected the size and design of your choice, follow […]

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Steam Showers: What You Need To Know

Why not kick your bathroom up a notch and take it from your rudimentary restroom to the oasis of your dreams. With a steam shower, you can! Steam showers are designed to turn your shower into a sauna. With a control panel that activates each setting, all you have to do is step into your […]

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Your Heater Prep Guide

The cold season can be a nightmare if your heater is not working properly. Therefore, it is prudent to prepare your heater for winter to avoid inconveniences. That said, there is a lot of things to address when preparing your heater for winter! That’s why, we here at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical have […]

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The Power Of The LED

Quality LEDs have longer expected lifespans of approximately 30000 – 50000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs that each have lifespans of approximately 1000 hours and 9000 hours, respectively. LEDs don’t burn out like incandescent lighting but rather dim over time. Due to their longer lifespans, bulb replacement in a home setting is […]

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Common Toilet Clogging Culprits

Don’t know how your toilet got clogged? You’re not alone. There are numerous clog-causing culprits, and if you are not a trained professional, it can be hard to identify the source of your debacle. If you have tried unclogging your toilet using a plunger, drain cleaner, or other at-home solutions, but you are still facing […]

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HVAC Tips For Fall

The last thing you want when winter rolls around is an expensive HVAC repair, so it important to get your system in shape for the increase in use that comes along with the holidays! That is why there is no better time to ensure your unit is ready for the upcoming cold-weather season than right […]

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