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Steam Showers: What You Need To Know

Why not kick your bathroom up a notch and take it from your rudimentary restroom to the oasis of your dreams. With a steam shower, you can! Steam showers are designed to turn your shower into a sauna. With a control panel that activates each setting, all you have to do is step into your steam shower, press a button on your control panel, and your steam generator will fill your shower with deluxe steam. You can set your steam duration and intensity to match your desires, making your system customizable!

With instantaneous steam, you will be able to enjoy your me-time in your steam shower on demand! Here are some tips for keeping your steam shower in prime condition:

Proper Size & Installation

Selecting the correct sized system is imperative. If your steam shower is not appropriately fitted to your space, the steam generator will not be able to properly fill your shower. Steam retention is affected by numerous factors such as ceiling height and building materials. If your system is too big, steam could seep out of your shower, and you’ll be expending more energy than necessary. If your system is too small, it won’t sufficiently function, and you’ll have sub-par steaming.

Adequate Sealing

Make sure that your shower doors and windows are well-sealed. This will ensure that your steam shower maintains warm, deluxe steam throughout the entire duration of your steam. Your shower doors should be made water-tight by installing waterproof glass panels, and the shower side rails and curbs should have a dense helping of silicone caulk.

Venting Tips:

  1. Install an exhaust fan outside of your steam shower to aid in safely removing the warm, moist air out of your bathroom. This helps mold from sprouting.

  2. Adding louvers, which are angled slats capable of allowing air to pass through when opened, can help vent some steam out into the exhaust fan in your bathroom. Window transoms, which are horizontal windows sitting above a door, can also be installed to promote ventilation and allow air movement.

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