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Design‌ ‌Accommodations‌ ‌for‌ ‌Fall‌ ‌Weather‌ ‌

It is officially the fall season, and with that comes the morning chill, the midday heat, and the nighttime breezes. And these shifts in temperatures can make it hard to find the perfect medium for your indoor temperature. That’s why we here at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical are bringing you insider interior design tips that will help you better maintain unwavering comfort throughout your home this fall.

Here are your indoor climate tips:

Use Natural Materials

Materials matter! When it comes to your furnishings, choose your fabrics wisely. Natural fibers are best for keeping your home cooler; whereas, synthetic fabrics will be more insulating. Material breathability will affect your experience with your furniture, especially in your bedding, blankets, and throws. So, depending on your preferred climate, pick properties that aid your comfort.

Add Curtains Or Screens

If you have sun-facing windows or glass doors, make sure you have coverings for them! Not only will this better insulate your home, but this will also protect your furniture from fading. With light-colored window shades, you will be able to better control your indoor temperature by keeping the sun from heating up your space, as rays will bounce off of these shades.

Shuffle Your Furniture

Saving money on heating and cooling your home this fall can be as simple as rearranging your furniture! If your living room couch is placed next to, or against, a window, you will inherently feel more temperature changes due to heat loss through your window. So, if you are cuddled up on your couch after a long day at work, you will likely feel colder than you would feel sitting in the chair floating in the middle of your living space.

Rather than settling for bundling up, move your couch away from your window to reduce this felt change. Not only will this give your living space a new feel, but it will also help lower your heating costs!

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