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Flickering Lights: The Cause

Haunted house? Ghost visitors? The lights in your home are flickering, and you are unsure why. With Halloween around the corner, chances are you are feeling pretty spooked, but don’t let the season trick you. There are many common causes for flickering lights, so before you call your local ghostbusters, these ideas could help you solve your house’s light problem.

3 Reasons Your Lights Are Flickering

Check The Bulb

If you are experiencing a problem with just one flickering light source, the problem is most likely the bulb. Before inspecting the installed bulb that is not working, make sure you turn your light off. Repair bad or loose bulbs by replacing the bulb or tightening the bulb into the socket.

Check Switches and Wires

If an entire room in your home is experiencing unreliable lighting, it is time to change old switches and check the wiring. An old light switch may not be compatible with new light bulbs, and wires can become loose over time. If your inadequate lighting problem persists, you do not want to leave it unchecked. Loose electrical connections can become dangerous situations. It is best to contact your local electrician to help diagnose the problem.

Check Appliances

If the lights in your home flicker when appliances turn on, there could be a problem with your circuit breaker. Large home appliances, like your air conditioner, may add too much load to your electrical network if your circuit breaker is outdated. When this happens, lights will dim when one of your home appliances starts to run. Solve this problem by updating your home’s electrical system.

Don’t let the flickering lights in your house scare you! Before you call Dr. Peter Fenkman and his team, most flickering lights are quick fixes. If all else fails, an experienced electrician can help solve your electrical problem, just contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 717-207-8198!

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