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Indoor Air Quality Hazards

When it comes to your indoor air quality, you want the best for you and your family. And, in a time where indoor air pollutants are more prevalent than most are aware, this issue becomes increasingly imperative to solve. That’s why we here at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical are providing some insightful information on the products in your home that are harming your indoor air quality.

Whether you know it or not, these are the products you need to stay away from:

Store-Bought Cleaning Products

Yes, those products that line almost every grocery store in your area, they comprise of harmful chemicals that when released into your air can result in health implications. Jam-packed with toxic compounds, these fragrant cleaning solutions contain volatile organic compounds and other carcinogens that can cause health implications. Ranging from respiratory issues to cancer, the effects can be severe. Make sure you stick to purchasing items labeled “chemical-free”.

Bathroom Air Fresheners

Although air fresheners remain a prominent item in most households, they do more harm than good. Yes, they successfully cover unwanted odors, but they leave behind volatile organic compounds that can further lower your indoor air quality. Switch to all-natural essential oils for odor-coverage!

Scented Candles

Manufactured with paraffin wax, most candles release highly toxic benzene and toluene into your air when burned. These are both carcinogenic compounds and are oftentimes likened to that of diesel fuel fumes. Next time you go to purchase a new candle, check for a paraben-free label. Eliminating compromising candles from your home will go a long way in keeping your indoor air quality intact!

Remember, to additionally change your air filters every month to keep a clean household. Clean air filters will better filter out air pollutants and contaminants. For more information on indoor air quality, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 717-207-8198!

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