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Your Heating Options

Winter is just around the corner! That makes this the perfect time to explore your heating options for your home. Fortunately, comfort and efficiency can go hand in hand when it comes to keeping your space warm. The following is a comparison of the most popular home heating options—here’s how to find your perfect fit:

Electric Heat

From heat pumps to portable heaters, and from furnaces to boilers, your electric heating options may seem endless. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of installing an electric heating system in your home:


  • easy maintenance

  • no carbon monoxide

  • no flammable vapors


  • higher electric bills

  • lower overall temperature

  • inoperable during a power outage

Natural Gas

Natural gas has been in use as a heating utility in America since 1816. It is also the most used fuel for heating homes, making up 49% of overall fuel usage for heating! Here are your pros and cons:


  • fast, powerful heat production

  • less expensive than most other fuels

  • clean and efficient


  • high cost of gas line installation

  • frequent professional maintenance

  • highly flammable

Heating Oil

Heating oil is a product of liquid petroleum that is mostly used for boilers and furnaces. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the primary use of heating oil is space heating. If you are considering adding a space heater to your home, consider the following:


  • non-explosive

  • high BTU output

  • long system lifespan


  • expensive

  • high maintenance

  • large footprint


Logs, wood pellets, and wood chips are renewable biomass that can be used to produce heat. These fuels are the original sources of domestic warmth dating back thousands of years.If you are using your fireplace as your main heating source, here are the advantages and disadvantages:


  • inexpensive

  • renewable and sustainable


  • large storage area

  • disposal of ash and waste

Customize Your Home

Your home is the most important variable when choosing a heating system. In what kind of climate is your house located? What is the overall age and layout of your home? How effective are the windows and insulation? Hopefully, the consideration of questions like these and the corresponding information shared here will provide you with the information you need to better understand which heating source is for you.

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