Ductless Heating Benefits

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Ductless Heating Benefits

When it comes to your home heating, you want a reliable system that works efficiently and effectively. Ductless heating is beneficial for any home. For homes with individual temperature settings for each room, many models have up to four indoor air handling units. Each zone has its own thermostat so when spaces aren’t occupied, you can save money. Ductless heating is a cost-effective way to heat a home at the exact temperature desired.

The Benefits of Ductless Heating

1.) Installation is easy. Without the ducts, these heaters and conditioners can be set up in a fraction of the time. Ductless heaters do not require remodeling or the destruction of any walls. The ceiling and walls do not need to be removed or torn down and even the furniture can stay where it is. The only modification made to use ductless heating involves a small hole behind the unit. This is not visible when used.

2.) Ductless heating is environmentally friendly. They leave a reduced carbon footprint and are energy efficient according to US government standards. This means carbon emissions are kept to a minimum in addition to the reduced power bills.

3.) Air quality is improved. When spending large amounts of time indoors, mold and fungi can cause illness from duct heating. Ductless heating has a comprehensive filtration process that can include HEPA filters. This blocks most airborne particles in the home.

Maintenance Requirements

Ductless heating requires very little maintenance. Since there are no major leaks that need to be fixed and no ceiling or walls to climb through, saving money on repairs is easy. A ductless heater has fewer parts than duct heating and does not require specialized treatment.

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