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2021 Home Trends

Many people are thinking about bringing creativity and comfort into their home. Home trends are always changing. The biggest shifts in home trends are the most obvious over a decade; however, there are subtle changes every year that can be noted if you know where to look.

Decorating enthusiasts witness that popular colors change every year, new patterns are created, and different floor plans emerge—all shifting the perception of the ideal space. This includes climate control trends and technologies as well. Here are the 2021 home trends to look to when thinking about updating your space:

Bringing Nature Indoors

Earthy colors, antique pieces, and natural finishes will be popular in 2021. As many people will continue to work from home, residences will become more stylish and zen. It is only natural to want to upgrade your space when you are spending most of your time at home. As a result of lockdowns, a shift towards nature-inspired homes is emerging. Bridging the gap between the outdoors and indoor living is becoming paramount during times of increased time spent inside.

Nostalgia and Heritage

Many homes will showcase the connection between the past and the present. Beadwork, art, and embroidery will bridge the connection between 2021 and 1921. Sentimental heirlooms will come out of the attic, as their owners now have the time to brush them off, restore them, and find a place for them in their residences. Not to mention, the familial ties bring comfort, something we are all seeking during these unprecedented times.

Embracing the Present

Conversely, some 2021 home trends will highlight youthfulness. Optimistic quotes and vibrant colors will be popular in a lot of homes. Many people are looking forward to an adventure in 2021. You can expect to see pictures of exotic locations on coffee tables and bookshelves as well as wallpapers and decorative pillows.

Less Visual Clutter

Homes will have more curated spaces. Everyone will not be a minimalist in 2021. However, most people will want to focus on beauty and simplicity.

  • Decorating will not be overdone in 2021.
  • Dollars will be spent wisely.
  • Less will be more in 2021.

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