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5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Cooling Down in High Temperatures

Summer is a wonderful season that we often welcome with open arms in need of thawing from the long, winter months! However, our bodies can only handle so much heat before suffering serious damage like heat stroke or hyperthermia. While you may be eager to greet the sun and rising temperatures, it is important to have ways to keep yourself from overheating.

Sure, you can pump the AC to stay cool inside, but cold air isn’t free! To help you keep from spending a fortune on energy bills, we’ve come up with a list of ways that you and your family can stay comfortable this summer!

Stay Hydrated

Water should be your best friend year-round, but especially during the hottest months. Water helps our bodies maintain a steady, regulated temperature. An icy cold glass will do wonders for cooling you down!

If you get tired of glass after glass of water, you can mix it up by adding cucumber, strawberry, or lemon slices to your drink for a different, fresh taste!

A cold soda or iced coffee will also cool you down, but keep in mind that too much of these without water could cause dehydration.

Cook Cold Foods

Your stove and oven are obvious hotspots in your home and when turned on in the summertime, the heat can become unbearable. Give the oven a rest on really hot days and try cooking outside on the grill, or using countertop appliances like slow cookers or instant pots.

Some food options for dinner that you would work into your rotation include:

  • Salads – pasta, fruit, potato, and vegetable.
  • Spicy foods – believe it or not, spicy food helps regulate your body temperature!
  • Charcuterie boards – a nice assortment of cheese and cold cuts the whole family will love
  • Dips – bean dip, french onion, buffalo chicken…there are tons of options to try!

Draw the Shades

While we love the summer sun, when it streams in through your windows, it can increase the temperature in your home and make you feel more uncomfortable. This is where you should utilize your curtains!

Studies show that medium to light-colored curtains can help reduce heat gain by up to 33%! So pull those drapes shut and you could even save on your utility bill.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fans are a great way to cool down the room in an affordable way. The key is to use them correctly and smartly. Ceiling fans do not actually lower the temperature of the room, they instead create a cooling sensation on your skin, making you feel more comfortable.

Because of this, you should try to keep fans on only when the room is occupied in order to save energy! This cooling sensation will also enable you to adjust the temperature on your air conditioner to be a few degrees warmer, ultimately saving even more money.

Change Your Bedtime Routine

Going to sleep when you feel hot is difficult for many people. If this is you, try adding a few of these changes to your bedtime routine.


Choose light and flowy pajamas. They are non-restrictive and won’t increase your body temperature too much. Pick out a nightgown, flowy shorts, and loose t-shirts that you love and it’s sweet dreams time!


Cotton sheets are a great summertime bedding option. They are breathable and wick moisture away to minimize sweaty nights. A cotton top sheet will be a great blanket substitute, but if you need a bit more coverage, try finding a cotton duvet you love as well!

Take a Shower

A nice, long shower can be a great pre-bedtime activity. Your skin will feel cooler afterward and wet hair will keep you comfortable enough to fall asleep. Consider using soap or lotion with lavender to soothe and relax your body for a smooth drift off to sleep.

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