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Lancaster Air Conditioning Maintenance

Improve Energy Efficiency & Your System’s Lifespan. Call Our York County AC Specialists!

When the weather heats up your air conditioner works to keep your home cool. The hotter the temperatures outside, the harder your AC system works to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. An unmaintained cooling unit will ultimately breakdown.

Avoid an unexpected breakdown by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance. At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we offer a thorough system check and safety inspection to ensure your AC is operating safely and all its parts and components are in good condition per manufacturer specifications.

The Types of Systems We Service

At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, our technicians are NATE certified and highly trained to service all residential air conditioning systems.

We can perform a system check and safety inspection on the following types of units:

  • Central AC
  • Heat pump
  • Geothermal
  • Mini-split

The Benefits of Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance

You rely on your AC to provide you with refreshing cool air when the spring and summer weather bring warmer temperatures. Due to constant use, your air conditioning unit experiences quite a bit of wear and tear and will need regular maintenance to keep it running properly. Routine air conditioner system check and safety inspections will extend the lifespan and protect your investment.

In addition to an increased lifespan, routine system checks will:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Lower your utility bills
  • Provide you with enhanced comfort
  • Reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns
  • Limit the need for AC repairs and lessen repair costs in general
  • Provide you with more even cooling throughout your home and eliminate any “hot spots”

In many instances, manufacturers require routine maintenance in order to uphold their warranty.

Although you spend money on the maintenance service, it will help you save in both the short and long run. You will immediately see savings because your unit will require less energy to cool your home. In the long run, you’ll spend less on repairs and you won’t need to spend money on a replacement unit as soon.

What’s Including During Our System Checks

At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, our system checks include a No Breakdown Guarantee.

Our Lancaster air conditioning maintenance experts will:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect condenser coil condition
  • Check compressor amperage draw
  • Check capacitor and contactor condition
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Evaluate the blower motor
  • Check condensate pump and drain
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
  • Replace standard 1″ air filter
  • Inspect ductwork

You can rest assured that we will customize our checks and cleanings to your specific unit. Should we find any necessary repairs or replacements, we will provide options and complete the work in the same visit, upon your approval.

Trust Our Experienced Team

From the moment we arrive at your property, we will treat both you and your home with the utmost respect. We also will take as much time as necessary to listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have. Our prices are always upfront, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Improve Energy Efficiency & Your System’s Lifespan. Call Our York County AC Specialists!

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Highly Trained & Licensed Technicians
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Drug-Tested & Background Checked Team
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Respect For You & Your Home
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N.A.T.E. Certified Technicians
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Quality Assurance
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Convenient Scheduling
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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