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Electrical Services

Lancaster Electrical Wiring Services

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If your circuit breaker panel is like the heart of your electrical system, then your wiring is like the veins, carrying the much-needed electrical current that gives your home life. Your wiring is some of the most durable equipment you have, but over time it too can wear out and create a potential hazard. The insulation or shielding can become crusty or wear away, the metal itself can corrode with exposure to oxygen, and connections can come loose or unstable, resulting in potential shorts or disconnections.

At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we can help with all types of wiring services, from small repairs to new installations and even complete electrical remodeling and rewiring services. We know the importance of making sure your wiring is done correctly, and our experienced Lancaster electricians can quickly and accurately find your problem and recommend a repair solution that gets the issue resolved. We even help with new wiring installation, helping you enjoy new features like surround-sound speakers, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, wall-mounted TVs, and so much more are set up correctly and in accordance with all building codes. We always make sure to keep our work area clean and deliver a result which exceeds your expectations.

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Trust Your Wiring to our Lancaster Electricians

You use wiring running through your walls for far more than you may have ever imagined. While most people think of wiring as the cables which carry power to their different outlets around their home, wiring is so much more than that. Wiring is also used to transfer data or phone lines to your office or other rooms in your home. It’s also used to carry signals around a room for home theater setups. Customized wiring can even make life easier by giving you the ability to plug all your devices in to your tv in one easy place while hiding the cable mess where it can’t be seen.

We can help with wiring the following:

  • New outlets or receptacles
  • Ceiling fans
  • Recessed or wall-mounted lighting
  • In-home theater equipment (speakers, projectors or televisions)
  • Data cables
  • Servers or computer equipment

Electrical Remodels

Over time, wiring will eventually grow old and wear out. Electrical cabling that has corroded with exposure to oxygen over time can present some serious problems and even increase the risk of a dangerous fire. An electrical remodel service includes replacing the worn-out wires in your walls with brand new, durable wiring that brings power wherever it needs to go. Plus a remodel helps you update your electrical system to remain code-complaint and include the latest in safety equipment so you and your home remain protected.

Need help with a wiring problem? Get your issue fixed or your new system installed by contacting Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical today.

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    “We have been extremely pleased with the prompt and professional service provided by Lancaster Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electrical. People like Isaac W who performed our annual heating check today, have always been efficient. Today Isaac informed me that it was not yet time to replace our furnace filter which previously had been done quarterly. We have had LPHCE perform emergency electrical work and replaced a water heater the very next day.”

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    “Excellent service”

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