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The electrical service meter is the device that measures how much electricity is being used by your home or business. These devices are connected to your house via cables, and usually found outside on a utility pole, roughly 6 feet above the ground. In rare instances, they may be tucked away inside your house, too. In recent years, it has become fairly common for homeowners to undergo system-wide service meter upgrades. Keep reading to find out whether a service meter upgrade may be right for you, and contact our Lancaster electricians at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical for all your other necessary electrical services.

Service Meters: Why Upgrade?

Upgrading your service meter can be a great way to strengthen electrical efficiency and dependability in your home. If you live in a larger structure, it may also save you money on overall energy costs. And with advances in technology, the meter upgrades being done in the electrical field today are now more beneficial than ever.

Installing a new electrical service meter can help you deal with outages more quickly, and cut down on the amount of time you have to go before your power can be restored. A new service meter will also allow you to track what is going on with your system quicker, giving you information needed to track your energy consumption. Many new meters also increase power while allowing you to monitor time-of-use billing for large devices, like electric vehicles.

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