Signs You Need A Professional Drain Cleaning - Avoid Clogged Drain

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Signs You Need A Professional Drain Cleaning

No one wishes for a clogged drain. When it happens to you, you may be tempted to start a Do-It-Yourself project. However, it is best to leave drain cleaning to the professionals. Below are a few scenarios that require a professional drain cleaning.

Slow Drains
Have you noticed that your drains are a little bit slow? If so, it’s best to nip this problem in the bud and schedule a professional drain cleaning. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way!

What’s That Smell?
Is there a strange odor coming from your plumbing fixtures? A foul odor is a clear indication that something is awry. It could be a sign of backed up waste or another plumbing issue. No matter what the cause is, it should be addressed by a professional immediately.

Clogged Toilet
Did you know that toilets can clog up for no apparent reason? It’s true! When this occurs, it is a sign that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes. A plumber can clear things up for your in less time than you think.

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day. At Lancaster Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we have the equipment and the experience to have your drainage system flowing properly again in no time. Call today at 717-207-8198 for same day service! We are even available 24/7, so if your drain clog is causing an emergency that can’t wait, we’ll never charge you overtime fees.

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