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The Art of Creating a Rustic Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom

There are many bathrooms that are created with a flawless and untouched
look in mind. While these bathrooms can be beautiful, rustic bathrooms
still shine as a must have in many homes. When looking to create a
rustic bathroom for your home, follow a few specific steps to help build the bathroom
of your dreams.

Bizarre Centerpiece

Every bathroom should have a focal point that the room bases its entire
look after, especially rustic bathrooms. An example of this would be an
old iron tub, an industrial looking stand-up shower, or a 19th-century
chandelier. This centerpiece should be eye-catching and out of the ordinary.

Random Synergy

The furniture and cabinets in the bathroom should have a similar look
to that of the centerpiece, but not an exact look like many modern bathrooms
do. The bathroom should look like it was pieced together, yet at the same
time, everything has a sense of belonging. In other words, the fixtures
and furniture should resemble each other, but not match exactly.

Crazy Colors

Many rustic bathrooms will have fixtures and cabinetry that range in shades
of black, gray, and brown. Many fixtures chosen for these types of bathrooms
will have a rust color and look like they were pulled out of an old factory.
To make these fixtures stand out, choose a rich paint that brightens up
the room. Rustic bathrooms need a proper balance of "dark and cozy"
and "bright and lively."

For people who like things that are out of the ordinary, opt for a rustic
bathroom over a traditional or modern look. When you need a plumber to
help you install fixtures in your new bathroom, contact the pros at
Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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