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Why Are My Lights Flickering?

When the lights flicker in your home, that's your house telling you
that you need to call an electrician. Allowing the lights to flicker without
looking into it will only make the
potential problems that much bigger down the road. If this is happening on a regular basis,
stop what you're doing and start dialing your
local electrician.

Why Do the Lights Flicker?

Lights will flicker due to a disturbance in the electrical current within
your home. In order to figure out where this disturbance is coming from,
contact an electrician to inspect your home. From here they will be able
to use a multimeter to find the source of the problem and suggest further
actions to resolve the issue.

Common Reasons for Flickering Lights

  • Outdated wiring and breakers in older homes can easily cause lights to
    flicker, but more importantly – your home will be at a higher risk of
    house fires. Electrical wiring should be evaluated and replaced if deemed
    necessary by an electrician.
  • Overloaded circuits can cause lights to flicker when too many appliances,
    lights, and electrical devices are in use. Dedicate specific circuits
    to high-usage appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, electric stove, etc.
  • A damaged plug or a faulty outlet can cause the connection between the
    device and the circuit to be weakened, resulting in flickering lights
    or the circuit breaking. Never plug something in with a damaged wire and
    have any faulty outlets inspected by a professional.
  • When light bulbs are not screwed tightly into their socket, a weak connection
    exists. A simple turning of the bulb until it’s secure inside of
    the socket should do the trick!

Flickering lights occur in scary movies to warn you of something bad that's
about to happen – the same is true for when the lights flicker in your
home. When you need an electrician to inspect and repair your home's
electrical system, contact
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