How to Beat the Humidity?

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How to Beat the Humidity?

The high temperatures and heat from the summer sun can oftentimes become
too much to handle. However, the real reason why many summer days become
unbearable – the humidity. Rather than living in a home where the air
feels like a wet blanket, utilize
these tips to put an end to indoor humidity.

Indoor Humidity

High Humidity Warning Signs

  • The most obvious warning sign of having high humidity is feeling like you
    can cut the air with a knife. You shouldn't feel the air as if you
    were inside of a sauna.
  • Does anyone in your home have allergies that have been acting up? Reactions
    to allergies can increase in those who are exposed to areas of high moisture.
  • Inspect your home for water stains on the walls or ceiling, mold or mildew,
    musty odors, damp furniture, and condensation on windows and glass.

Know the Moisture Sources

In order to stop your home from having a high humidity level, you need
to know what's causing all of this moisture. For those with unfinished
basements, consider installing a moisture barrier over the dirt floor.
All homeowners should have their roofs inspected to make sure there are
no roof leaks. You should also call your local HVAC technician to inspect
the condition of your current cooling system and make sure it's the
right size for your home.

Removing Humidity

To measure the level of humidity within your home, use a hygrometer to
see the exact moisture level. You want your home to fall within the 30
to 50 percent range. For those with a level higher than 50 percent, consider
contacting your local HVAC technician to learn more about installing a
dehumidifier. This technician will be able to install this onto your existing HVAC system.

It's easy to beat the heat on a hot summer's day, but humidity
– now, that's tough! If your home has become too humid to handle,
contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn
more about dehumidification systems and
HVAC service, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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