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Month: October 2017


Do You Hear These Spooky Sounds Coming From Your Radiator?

Do you stay up at night listening to loud screeches and banging noises? Was your home built during or before the 1940s? Before you go ahead and blame it on a ghost from the 1800s, you may want to point the finger at your steam radiator. Stop the Bumps in the Night Every loud bang […]

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Keep Your Motion Sensor Lights on for Halloween

Are you prepared for Halloween? Candy? Check. Costume? Check. Motion sensor light? No? Well, if you don't have one or yours isn't turned on, you may want to think about installing one or setting yours up. This little light of yours will make your haunting holiday that much better! Think of the Children In the […]

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3 Mistakes You’re Making Every Time You Shower

Showering seems like a very simple concept: Turn the water on, wash up, turn the water off. However, in the time it takes you to shower, you can make some costly mistakes that will lead to a terribly clogged shower drain over time. If you want to save yourself the headache of having to have […]

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This is What Happens When You Skip a Furnace Inspection

Now that the warm weather is slowly fading into a distant memory, it's time you start preparing your home for the cool weather that lies ahead. Start by having your furnace inspected sooner rather than later. If you do choose to skip a furnace inspection before winter starts, you risk having: Poor Indoor Air Quality […]

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Why Hot Showers Are Bad for Your Bathroom

After a long day at work, watching over the kids, and exercising, nothing feels better than taking a hot shower (or bath). While the hot water will feel great on your skin, it can actually hurt your bathroom. Why? One word – steam. How Steam Can Affect Your Bathroom Hot showers and baths will produce […]

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Natural Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Home is where you sleep, eat, and spend quality time with your family. With at least half of your day spent inside of your home (especially during the cooler months), shouldn't you focus on having the best indoor air quality possible? Luckily, there are a few easy, natural things you can do to help you […]

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