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Should You Use a Toilet Seat Cover?

When you use a public restroom, do you use the toilet seat covers that
are oftentimes provided within the stall? Some people would never use a
public toilet without one, while others will sit down without hesitation. The real questions
is: "Do you really need to use a toilet seat cover?"


Reasons Why You Should

  • Helps Your Bladder – For those women who choose to hover over the toilet to escape having to
    sit down altogether, you're actually restricting your bladder. Studies
    have shown that standing while urinating can lead to a 21 percent decrease
    in urine flow. This can result in failing to fully empty the bladder,
    as well as increased misses and dirtier toilet seats.
  • Reduces Risk – While this scenario is extremely rare, there was an instance of a child
    becoming infected with Neisseria Gonorrhoeae from an airplane toilet seat.
    This was a result from the child wiping the seat down with toilet paper,
    exposing her hands to the STI. Using a toilet seat cover might not have
    prevented this disease from spreading, but it could have decreased the
    chances of this happening.

The Reason Why It Might Not Matter

  • Requires a Perfect Storm – The chances of catching a disease via a toilet seat is next to impossible,
    but within the realm of possibility. It would require the perfect set
    of circumstances – sitting on the exact location of where the virus was
    deposited, immediately after, and it also being a super virus. Not something
    that should keep you up at night…

Should you place a toilet seat cover on that public toilet – or just risk
it and sit down? When it comes to your home's toilet, if you need
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