Your Bathroom Smells Because of an Issue With Your Toilet

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Smelly Bathroom? It’s Not Always Because You Didn’t Spray…

Do you find that your bathroom has a constant sewer smell?

We know that the bathroom might smell after eating dinner at the local taco place, but what we mean is — does it smell even when no one is using it?

Foul odors coming from the bathroom aren’t always created in that moment, they can be because your toilet is in need of repair.

smelly bathrooms could be because of a broken toilet

What Causes the Bathroom to Smell?

Inside of each and every toilet is a wax ring that seals the toilet to the flange and drainpipe. When this wax ring begins to deteriorate, many problems can occur — the release of foul sewer odors is one of them.

The wax ring is meant to provide an airtight seal, so no smell or liquid escapes. If the wax ring somehow snaps or is broken down over many years, the airtight seal will break and the sewer odor will be released into the bathroom. So what you need to do is have this wax ring replaced ASAP!

Is Replacing a Wax Ring a Big Project?

If you’ve never removed a toilet from its fixed position in order to fix something before, then we suggest hiring a professional plumber to replace the wax ring for you.

However, if you know how to drain a toilet and properly remove it from the flange and drainpipe — this repair isn’t that difficult. You just need to make sure you properly create the new, airtight seal. Otherwise, the same issue will exist, even with the new wax ring.

Other Issues a Broken Wax Ring Can Cause

In addition to foul sewer smells escaping the drainpipe, your bathroom could experience:

  • Leaks – Since the wax ring won’t have an airtight seal over the drainpipe, it’s possible the toilet water and possible waste could leak out of the base of the toilet. This can lead to further odors and possible mold growth if the water is not cleaned up properly.

  • A Loose Toilet – Without the proper seal, the toilet can wobble on top of the flange it sits atop of. A toilet with movement means that the wax ring is definitely broken, and there’s a good chance the flange could be compromised as well.

  • A Broken Toilet – The process of replacing a wax ring forces you to remove your toilet from its natural position. If not handled properly, the toilet could break or become damaged during the move. Be extra careful when picking up your porcelain throne!

When something doesn’t smell right, there’s usually a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

When you need the help of a professional plumber to repair something in your bathroom, feel free to reach out to ours!

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