Why Checking Your AC is Your Most Important Maintenance Task

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Why Checking Your AC is Your Most Important Maintenance Task

When the spring temperatures start to warm up and lean more toward summer weather, then you know it’s time to have your AC unit serviced.

Why is this important?

Well, for anyone that has had their AC unit breakdown in the middle of summer because of a faulty part that was overlooked — then you know why.

(Or the person paying energy bills that are through the roof — you know why too!)

Having your AC unit serviced before you start using it is “Homeowner 101” stuff…

ac unit inspection

AC Inspections

In a typical HVAC inspection and service, we will check to see if there are any malfunctioning parts, leaks, clogged filters, loud noises, lack of temperature control, etc.

Being able to find any problems before having to rely on your AC every day is key. This way you’ll never have to go a day this summer without having your AC unit OR running a malfunctioning unit that is adding on additional wear and tear AND increasing your energy bills.

(Plus, you’re more likely to get a scheduled service sooner during the springtime than in the midst of summer.)

Typical AC Problems Homeowners Experience at the Beginning of Summer:

  • The AC unit does not turn on

  • The AC unit is not producing cool air

  • The AC unit is producing loud, strange noises/odors

How We Check AC Units

Whether it’s 70 degrees out or a brisk 50 degrees, we have the tools to service your AC unit.

But how can you test an AC unit properly if the temperatures outside aren’t cooperating?

We’re glad you asked! (Even though you didn’t…)

We have a special tool, known as the “Summer Simulator. This tent-like tool is used to mimic summer-like temperatures in order to properly check the functionality of an AC unit, even in cooler temperatures.

This allows HVAC companies, like us, to get a head start on AC inspections. This way everyone in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas will have their AC units serviced and ready-to-go before you ever need to turn it on.

Talk about peace of mind!

Failing to have your AC unit inspected in the spring can leave you with a broken AC unit during the heatwaves of summer.

We’re taking appointments now for AC inspections and services, so BOOK NOW before the appointment slot that’s convenient for you is all booked up!

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