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Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a magical time filled with shiny decorations, show-stopping Christmas trees, and stunning light displays. Unfortunately, all the beauty and excitement can sometimes overshadow the increased need for extra electrical safety around the holidays.

Here are some important electrical safety tips for keeping you and your family safe.

Check Electrical Decorations

Before plugging in any electrical decorations, it is crucial to inspect them for damage such as cracked sockets, loose connections, or bare or tangled wires. Damaged electrical decorations pose a serious risk for fire or shock.

Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets that are overloaded can lead to fires. Do not overload outlets and be sure to limit each outlet to one, at most two, high-wattage devices at a time.

Avoid Multiple Light Connections

Linking three or more strands of incandescent lights together runs the risk of blowing a fuse and, worse yet, starting a fire. While you can do the math to figure out how much power your circuits can handle, it’s best to only plug, at most, two strands of lights into the same circuit.

Water Your Tree Daily

One of the biggest fire hazards during the holiday season is a dried out Christmas tree. A parched tree only takes a matter of seconds to go up in flames. Keep your tree healthy and fresh with daily waterings.

Opt for Battery Operated Candles

December is the peak month for candle fires in homes. To eliminate this risk, use candles that operate on batteries, rather than traditional flame ones.

Safeguard Cords

To prevent the risk of a fire or shock, follow these tips for protecting your cords:

  • Ensure no cords are pinched by furniture or other objects.
  • Do not cram cords into tight spaces such as windows or cracks in doors.
  • Do not place cords beneath rugs.
  • Keep cords away from heat sources.
  • Do not use staples or nails to secure cords.

Unplug Decorations When Unattended

If you are going to sleep or leaving the house, unplug and turn off all decorations to prevent any risk of fires. Plus, this will also save you energy and help keep your energy bill low!

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