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Why are My Outlets Sparking?

When you plug an appliance or charger into an outlet, the last thing you want to see are sparks flying from the socket. A spark happening once in a blue moon is often not something you really need to worry about. However, if your outlets are shooting out sparks every time, there could be more serious issues at hand.

Everyday Sparks

As we said, some sparks aren’t anything to worry about. When you plug a device into a socket, electricity rushes to the outlet to the power the device, which can sometimes create a spark. Unless this happens pretty often, you won’t have to be concerned.

Water Exposure

As we’re sure you’re aware, water and electricity don’t mix. If your outlet comes in contact with water, even if it’s in the form of high humidity, plugging a device into that outlet can cause an electrical spark.

It’s important to keep water far from your outlets to avoid any electrical shocks as well as have GFCI outlets installed in areas that they could come in contact with water, such as your kitchen and bathroom.

Short Circuit

If an outlet is overheated, it can cause the insulation inside the socket to melt and coat the wires that help carry electrical to that outlet. When you plug a device into an outlet with this issue, it can short circuit and cause the outlet to spark. You should have your outlets inspected by a professional electrician so you can figure out why they’re overheating and short-circuiting.

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