Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Daytime Clothes

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Daytime Clothes

Whether you like to take naps, or you are like many of who are so exhausted after a long day at work that we fall asleep in our clothes while watching Jeopardy—sleeping in your daytime clothes is a poor choice. Why is it a bad idea to sleep in the clothes you’ve worn all day? Simply put—it can be bad for your health.

Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep in your daytime clothes no matter how tired you are.

Your Daytime Clothes Aren’t As Clean As You Think

Once you step outside, your clothes will be susceptible to dirt and debris. Even if they look clean, they will eventually become ridden with germs and bacteria. Additionally, pollutants or pollen can attach to your garb, increasing the allergy symptoms of both you and those around you.

Because you can’t see these substances, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way and not even know it. Harmful items can make their way back into your bed, your couch, or wherever you end up falling asleep. This can lead to health problems, as your indoor air quality will be affected.

If you sleep in your daytime clothes a lot, you may find that you get sick quite often. Fortunately, you can keep this from happening by changing out of your work clothes right when you get home. Putting on clean clothes before you lay in your bed or on your couch will prove effective.

According to The Healthy, you are a magnet for germs once you leave your house. This is why you need to make it a habit to change out of your clothes once you come inside. It is worth the extra few minutes that it takes for you to slip into something more comfortable, and clean!

By not sleeping in your daytime clothes, you will improve your home’s indoor air quality and possibly your health overall.

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