Facemask Trend Causing Drain Failure

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Facemask Trend Causing Drain Failure

Beauty regimens often include face masks. Clay and mud masks help purify, soften, and tone your skin; however, as much as these beauty masks unclog your pores it does precisely the opposite to your drains. Every homeowner needs to proceed with caution when applying and removing skin products! Here’s why:

Designed for Trouble

Clay, mud, and charcoal facemasks are made to stick and harden on your skin. When this material washes down your drains, it lines your pipes in the same way it coats your skin, sticking and hardening within your plumbing. This will create the ideal environment for clogs to form, as subsequent materials coming down your drain will get caught, building blockages that will require a professional plumber to remove.

Temporary Solutions Fail

Some beauty sites recommend boiling water and rinsing it down your drain to clear facemask blockages; however, this could make your drain debacle worse. Although your sink may begin to drain right after the hot water is poured, your clog has not been removed but rather shifted deeper into your plumbing.

Better Options Available

Forgoing the use of drain-damaging beauty products works best to beat clogs, but that is not always a viable option for those that are avid facemasks users. An alternative to giving up the beauty trend is to protect your drains during use.

Use a layer of fine mesh over your drain and cover it with a microfiber towel. This DIY drain catcher will allow water through while catching all other materials.

Additionally, remove your facemask with facial wipes before rinsing your face. This should prevent detrimental clogs from forming.

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