The Bidet—The Answer To Your Toilet Paper Woes

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The Bidet—The Answer To Your Toilet Paper Woes

In response to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders, a toilet paper shortage has ensued. Worried citizens started hoarding this paper good early on in the pandemic, making it hard for those that were late to the stock-piling trend toilet-paperless. So, for those of you who are on your last roll…we have a solution for you.

Enter the bidet, a toilet accessory that many in Asia and Europe are already familiar with. Bidets allow for reduced toilet paper usage, or the elimination of toilet paper altogether, with its cleaning capabilities. Worried about having to purchase an entirely new toilet for bidet functions? Rest assured, aftermarket bidets are also available and oftentimes more affordable than consumers assume.

Installing Bidets

Never worry about running out of toilet paper again! This is an installation you can DIY. Homeowners and renters alike can install a bidet to their current toilet. All you need is an accessible electrical outlet in your bathroom. Once your GFCI outlet is accessed, turn off the water supply valve, located behind your toilet, and flush your toilet to empty the bowl. Next, remove the toilet seat and existing hoses.

A T-valve will need to be applied to your shutoff valve, where two hoses will be connected. One attaches the valve to the bidet, while the other hose connects the valve to your tank. A catch plate and mounting guide will then need to be installed on the toilet, over the seat-mounting holes. After securing the mounting bolts, the bidet seat clicks into place, and the bidet host connects to the inlet.

Now, your bidet is ready to use! Make sure when you turn your water supply back on, there are no leaks. Many people prefer a bidet, even when toilet paper is available! Maybe you’re one of them!

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