What to Do If You Run Out of Toilet Paper

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What to Do If You Run Out of Toilet Paper

There is no doubt that the spread of COVID-19 has significantly altered the daily lives of millions of people around the globe. A simple search on Twitter will reveal an eerie tone across the world—empty supermarkets, as people engage in panic buying. COVID-19 has turned each and every one of us into doomsday preppers, as hoarding essential products becomes commonplace. This is leading to the noteworthy toilet paper shortage occurring nationwide.

Toilet Paper Shortage

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, one of the essential products that is consistently out of stock is toilet paper. With shelter-in-place orders, people over-purchased, leaving those that were late to the stock-piling game square out of luck. While some people have toilet paper that could last them years, others are approaching their last roll. With this reality comes panic. Without toilet paper, what are you supposed to do? What should you do?

Call Your Friends

It can’t hurt to reach out to your friends and family for a donation. Maybe one of your co-workers, one of your aunts, or your friend across the street has an extra roll on hand! You’ll just need a couple of rolls until your local supermarket restocks. Just remember to get up early, so you get first dibs on paper goods—they are going fast!

Purchase a Bidet

This is not a common installation in the United States, but other countries around the world have been using them, as supplement to toilet paper, for years. Bidets will reduce your need for toilet paper, even eliminate it, with its washing capabilities.

Repurpose Other Types of Papers

If you run out of toilet paper, you don’t have to panic. All you need to do is to turn to different types of paper products! Toilet seat covers will not harm your plumbing and get they will get the job done. Refrain from flushing any baby wipes or napkins down your toilet—they will cause clogs. If push comes to shove, use a washable towel until you can get your hands on a roll.

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